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Name:A General Left 4 Dead Fanfiction Community
Website:LiveJournal Mirror
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A Gen Fic community for Valve's Left 4 Dead series

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Now its common knowledge that about half the fanfiction in the world is mainly composed of Shipper or couple stories, but after awhile, that beat gets relatively old --- fast. So instead of creating a community composed to the would-be romances of the Infected and Survivors, I created a Fanfiction Community dedicated to the completely unromantic part of L4D: That's mainly the survival, bickering or smartass characters, and traversing of a Post-Apocalyptic world brought on by some mysterious "Super Rabies" virus dubbed the Green Flu by a unhelpful FEMA-wannabe, C.E.D.A.

In other words: Welcome to [community profile] left4_genfic, a General Fanfiction Community for Valve's Left 4 Dead series. Feel free to post any fanfiction here, but remember to follow the rules and have a good time!

#1. Gen Fanfiction Only.
#2. Not "Slash/Het if you Squint" Stories: 100% Gen Fic. I cannot stress this enough.
#3. Pairings are allowed within a story, but more or less regulated far into the background: They should NEVER be the FOCUS of the story itself.
#5. To avoid spammers, lurkers, flamers and trolls, to become a member you must have an active/established account that you post on a semi-regular basis. If you've been rejected then it is because of the following:
+ There are zero to no entries on your personal journal (outside of the "Weclome to LiveJournal!" Message) since it's inception.
+ You have no associates (friends) nor are you a member of any communities.
+ Your journal is new and not established.

#1. Spell check all your stories and/or poetry. There is no excuse for not performing this duty. If you do not have a word processor that has the spell checking feature, use a search engine such as to find one.
#2. Proofread all entries for grammar and other aspects of writing before submission. 'Hot off the press' content is often riddled with errors. No one is perfect but it is the duty of the writer to perform to the best of his/her ability.
#3. When posting fanfiction please remember to Title Your Posts. Especially Chapter Stories [EXAMPLE: "No Exit - Chapter One, Two, Three (or 1/20), etc." or "Skin of our Teeth - ONE SHOT/DRABBLE"], do NOT Leave the subject title blank.
#4. When leaving Reviews or Comments be courteous to the author and do not flame them (the same can be said to the authors as well). Offer them constructive criticism on the things they could imrpove instead if you didn't like something. If you disagree with something or a certain type of fanfiction, then stay away from it. Do not venture beyond the reading the prompt.
#5. Absolutely no character Bashing. The same rules above apply to this. If a certain pairing or character bothers you, then stay away from it.
#6. Remember to label your ganfiction with warnings to give the reader a heads up on the content inside your stories.
#7. Label your stories with the proper ratings (See: Fanfiction Ratings for an example)
#8. When posting a story, please use this basic format outside the LiveJournal cut:
Fanfiction Template:

#9. Don't know how to make a LiveJournal Cut? Click Here to find out how.
#10. When Posting graphics for fanfiction (like a banner created for a certain story) please keep the image between 300x300 / 400x400 (or 500x150 and smaller) pixles. Nothing can exceed the stylesheet.
#11. Please remember to USE THE TAGS provided. Stories will be tagged with the authors name among other things.
#12 Feel Free to post whatever you want in your journal or your community, But, PLEASE make it PUBLIC, DO NOT make our members Join your community.
#13Failure to Follow the Rules will result in the removal of your post.

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